About our sense

Sense of Origin is created for the love of craft chocolate, as well as admiration for the skills of all the craftsmen who are making this possible. It’s an intriguing world of exclusive, ethical and amazing products. We are here to bring you closer to nature, the origins and the whole community, which gives us the possibility to become a part of this craft.

Sense of Origin is exactly the place where you can find new taste experiences, discover interesting combinations and get acquainted with wonderful bean to bar makers and tea professionals, providing you with premium and organic tea. We’ll show you all the craftsmanship standing behind this special and fair deliciousness.

You will learn about the diversity of one of the most wonderful fruits of nature and its origins, as well as about the farmers who grow it. It’s also important to understand and respect the value of these farmers and all the hard work they do to ensure that we will get the best cacao and ingredients, what ultimately turns into high-quality and real chocolate. The way it should be.

Experience the quality and elegance of vital drinks such as tea and drinking chocolate. The stories of growing and producing will come alive, showing you the right way of creating these marvelous products and of course how to make your own choices. 

This is the space for appreciation, consciousness and expression.

With us you will discover a beautiful world of unforgettable flavors and aromas, as well as creativity, which will delight you and give you inspiration.

We will explore this craft movement together inspiring others and having fun!

From Sense of Origin with love.