With Sense Of Origin I started a new chapter in my life with a clear vision. This idea was born out of love for chocolate and all the incredible palates that nature gives us. Because eventually the main feeling that drives us is love. You must be in love in order to live a fulfilling life and be able to create your own identity. 

This kind of love has been driving me forward for a long time. It's the world of creativity and expression. This love still lives in me and it won't go anywhere, but besides this, love for the amazing world of food and flavor, in particular for chocolate, coffee and tea was growing. 

When I tried bean to bar chocolate for the first time, I discovered that this craft movement is amazingly interesting and delicious! So the first seed was planted and I realized that I want to follow this path. I fell in love with this mesmerizing and diverse deliciousness which opens a whole new world of cacao, farmers, makers and other professionals creating this culture of fine chocolate and fairness. 

These are high quality creations made by passionate people and for the people, who can appreciate the stories behind it and for those, who want to enjoy the special taste this kind of products give you. What could be better these days? 

I made a decision to immerse myself into this culture of fine chocolate and drinks, because if you feel love you need to move towards it. 

Eventually, we're all here to live a life which motivates you to grow staying curious and be a lifelong learner.

So my vision is very clear: I want to provide you with an unforgettable experience and inspire. And to do so, I will use craft chocolate, quality tea and creativity... because these fine products are not only nutrition for your body, but also for your mind. 


From Ksana with love.