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Filter Kaapi Dark Milk 55% 


Rich Chickmagalur coffee with hints of chicory works like magic with Soklet dark milk chocolate, that reminds one of the quintessential South Indian Filter Kappi.

Soklet is India's 1st and only tree-to-bar chocolate maker. The chocolate is "Single Origin", which means that all the cocoa beans that they use to make their chocolate comes from their own plantations. Soklet is in control of the chocolate making process from the breeding of cacao trees to the tempering of the chocolate bar and brings to you the best of all natural and fine Indian chocolates so you can enjoy the true flavour of terroir. 

The plantation is pesticide free and managed using principles of aquaculture & permaculture ensuring that the trees get the best nutrition so that they produce great tasting cacao.


Tree to bar, made at origin. 


Ingredients: cacao beans, cane sugar, skimmed milk powder, cacao butter, Arabica coffee, ghee, chicory root powder. Organic. 


May contain traces of peanuts and nuts. Gluten free, free of soy. 


Nett Weight:  50 gram