Ceremonial Matcha


Japanese Ceremonial Matcha 


This organic, Japanese ceremonial Matcha or green tea powder comes from the province of Kagoshima. The production process of Matcha is similar to that of Gyokuro tea and very labour-intensive. In the shade, the plants produce extra leaf green, so that the leaves get their bright color. The most beautiful “Tencha” leaves are picked, then steamed and dried. The veins and stalks are separated from the rest of the leaf and then the leaf is ground very slowly between two granite stones. This is the expensive, labor-intensive variety of matcha, which is mainly used in the Japanese tea ceremony. This Matcha is of superior quality and absolutely recommended for daily Matcha enjoyment.


The reason matcha tea is used in the Buddhist tea ceremony is because the preparation itself is a calming and soothing process.




Brewing advice: this tea can be made with water of 70-80°C, whip 2 bamboo scoops to 70ml water for 15 seconds with an “M” or “W” movement, until you have a fine light green foam layer on the Matcha.


Nett Weight:  40gram