Orange Pekoe


Black Orange Pekoe Tea


This Orange Pekoe is a black tea with a full, unbroken, rolled tea leaf hand-picked from the high-altitude tea gardens in Nuwara Eliya district in Sri Lanka (up to 5000m). This indicates the finest quality of Ceylon tea and provides a beautiful, light copper-colored drink with an invigorating, less bitter taste. These tea leaves oxidize after picking and rolling. The duration of the oxidation results in the degree of strength in black tea. Despite the name, this tea does not contain orange flavor. “Orange Pekoe” is a term used to sort the size and quality of dried black tea leaves. “Ceylon” is the previous name of the country from which it is grown, now Sri Lanka, a small island in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lankan tea is unique in that the country's warm, sunny climate is perfectly balanced with the right amount of rainfall to produce teas of a wide variety of flavor and color.


With this black tea you can make delicious iced tea.




Brewing advice: 3g/200ml, use water of 95°C and steep for 2-3 minutes. 


Nett Weight:  50 gram