Green Gunpowder Tea


Gunpowder is a Chinese green tea from the Hunan province where all tea leaves are rolled into small balls. This led to the name Gunpowder, because it looks like gunpowder, partly due to the gray-green color. This rolling up method is often used for green tea or oolong tea. The difference between green and black tea is in the production process. Black tea is oxidized longer than green tea. You can say that green tea is purer and even richer in the initial antioxidants.

This green tea presents very well in a glass pitcher as the leaves unfold slowly. A beautiful spectacle to dream away in.


This green tea is a classic for making Moroccan mint tea.




Brewing advice: 3g/200ml, use water of 75°C and steep for 2-3 minutes. 


Nett Weight:  100 gram