Definite & Geisha Lips

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Experience the delicate play of their pure flavours.



Oko- Caribe 80%


A bean-to-bar chocolate maker, producing luxury dark chocolate without any additives. By sourcing directly from local producers, Definite uses only high-quality and single-origin cacao. The award-winning chocolate is sourced from only a handful of estates in the Dominican Republic and is carefully crafted through their micro-batch operation.

The cacao used for this chocolate bar comes from Oko-Caribe, the cacao processor in the town of Pimentel in the Duarte province in the north central part of the Dominican Republic. 


Tasting notes: jasmine, chamomile and lemon.


Ingredients: organic cacao, cane sugar.


May contain traces of nuts and milk. Gluten free, lecithin free, soy free.


Nett Weight:  60 gram



Geisha Lips Strawberry/Rooibos


This artisanal blend is a light fruit tea, perfect for the evening, as it contains no caffeine. Rooibos gives a nice body and strawberry provides a naturally sweet aftertaste. This tea is packed with vitamin C. The freeze-drying process preserves the strawberry as pure fruit and can certainly be eaten completely after the infusion.




Brewing advice: 2-5g/200ml, use water of 95°C and steep for 5 minutes. 


Nett Weight:  100 gram