Definite & Kaori & Travel Mug


Cashew Milk & Macadamia 57% 


A bean-to-bar chocolate maker, producing luxury dark chocolate without any additives. By sourcing directly from local producers, Definite uses only high-quality and single-origin cacao. The award-winning chocolate is sourced from only a handful of estates in the Dominican Republic and is carefully crafted through their micro-batch operation.

The cacao they use for this chocolate bar comes from the municipality of Villa Altagracia, a cacao growing region near the capital of Santo Domingo. 


Direct trade, made at origin.


Ingredients: cacao beans (BIO), cacao butter, cane sugar, cashew milk, macadamia.


May contain traces of nuts and milk. Gluten free. 


Nett Weight:  60 gram



Bai Mu Dan White Tea


This delicious white tea comes from the Fujian province of China. The shoots and top two leaves are picked by hand and only in the spring. After the leaves are picked, they are dried in the sunlight for several days and then piled up for several hours, causing them to oxidize slightly. The fragile leaves are handled in a very careful way, because any small damage would accelerate oxidation and that is not the intention. Then the leaves are heated to dry.

The fresh, soft, slightly floral and nice taste of Bai Mu Dan lingers in the mouth like a beautiful, sweet memory. This can be a successful entry into the world of white tea.




Brewing advice: 2g/250ml, use water of 85°C and steep for 3 minutes. 


Nett Weight:  100 gram 



Travel Mug "Elegant tea for beautiful minds''


Your mobile and authnetic unit for your daily premium tea pleasure. 

  • Insulated stainless steel ith removable polycarbonate lid
  • Holds 443 ml (15 oz.)
  • Base fits in most standard car cup holders (diameter 2.5'' / 6.35 cm)
  • Top track dishwasher-safe
  • Wraparound printed design 


The illustration is hand-drawn by Oksana Isakova, the founder of Sense Of Origin.


Treat yourself with this stylish travel mug and let the deliciousness of Dominican Republic and China accompany you on your adventures.