Orange & Cranberries 63%


A subtle combination of fruity flavours and dark chocolate. 

This blend of lively flavors features on its packaging the portrait of a young woman of the Antanosy people (“those of the island”) located in Fort Dauphin, an oasis of coolness at the crossroads of the mountains, the desert and the Indian Ocean . They are now sailors or fishermen but also farmers or breeders.

Menakao keeps it local with added ingredients, from vanilla to sea salt and cane sugar, sourced in Madagascar from national suppliers.

By making the chocolate in Madagascar in addition to growing the cacao on the island, Menakao generate about 4-5 times the benefit of Fair Trade for the local Madagascan economy.


Direct trade, made at origin.


Ingredients: madagascar cocoa beans, cane sugar, pure cocoa butter, orange peel, cranberries, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, orange essential oil.


May contain traces of dairy and nuts.


Nett Weight:  75 gram