In 2001 specialty coffee was still unknown territory for most people. Nobody was talking about ‘single origin’ or ‘Direct Fair Trade’, but Tom Janssen had a dream. When he met his future wife Katrien Pauwels and shared his vision, she knew there was no way to escape from his passion for coffee and they started OR Coffee Roasters together.


''We source most of our coffee directly, we have our own roastery with a coffee training center. 

We want to fully focus on the sustainable relationships that we have maintained and on finding specialty coffee around the world. To then roast these beans with attention and respect for the different flavors into excellent coffee.

We continuously share our passion for specialty coffee through our work, but will we ever be done? No chance!

Coffee is a never ending story. And we will continue writing it.''


Direct Trade and countries of origin


At OR Coffee they buy theiir coffee directly at the origin. OR Coffee want to be honest and transparent about where they buy the coffee. Over the years they collected a lot of knowledge about growing coffee and a netwerk of farmers all over the world. Together they can support and grow communities all over the world.

OR Coffee Roasters work with ten countries of origin, eight out of ten they work directly with. These are: Brazil, Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Burundi and Rwanda.

For the two other countries; Kenya and Guatemala, they started working with importers that they trust a long time ago. 

When OR Coffee starts a relationship with a producer or the owner of a washing station, it is not just for one year. They will buy coffee from them every year and they grow together. Even in the 'off' years (think like wine) OR Coffee will support their producers.

They try to visit the producers as much as possible, to sustain the connection and learn from each other. OR Coffee learned through the years that they cannot and do not want to buy coffee if they haven't been to the origin and if they haven't met the producers. Because there is so much that can go wrong when you don't know what's happening at the origin.




OR Coffee will always recommend an ideal brewing methode for a coffee on their label. Depending on the roast and the general flavour profile of the coffee they will differentiate between a coffee for filter or for espresso.

At OR they only work with quality specialty arabica coffee. They believe a light roasting process, in which the bean keeps most of its natural aromas, is the only way OR Coffee can serve a coffee at his best.




OR Coffee aims to be sustainable in every step of the coffee chain and this is why they work with producers who grow their coffee pesticide free. Some are organic certified, others are not, but OR team goes to the origin every year and see how they practise what they stand for. Some countries of origin are still unable to work pesticide because of diseases that greatly affect the coffee plants.

Packaging wise OR Coffee works with the most sustainable option at this point, which is 100% recyclable material. They hope the food packaging industry will grow into an even more sustainable direction in the future. But for now this is the best option they have. Nevertheless OR Coffee is happy to say that their Nespresso compatible capsules are home bio degradable. 

Lastly their roastery is supplied with solar panels on the roof.



Sense Of Origin is delighted to have the opportunity to cooperate with OR Coffee to offer you coffee of high quality grown with care.